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Wednesday, August 1st, 2007

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f I c
ant be
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re with t
his stupid


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2:50 am - BOMB THE MUSIC INDUSTRY  heart&;


I'm working reeeal hard
yeah, BABY, yeah! no, that's fucking bullshit.

But I'm listenin' to some good tunes (maybe) so, enjoy.

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Tuesday, July 31st, 2007
4:10 am
two butterflies pinned together
on a page
the white paper touches softly the pin
as it is pierced through
and through

Sorry, please see the post that comes before this. (bow) Actually, I need assistance with that!

I found something nice to look at today. "Dogs" by Miwa Shirow (check free_manga, someone's got all the stuff up in the tags, still active). Ahh *spurting blood* ahh, it's good, it's good... Am I graduating? well, only a bit... Please someone! (roarlivia, this is a secret message for you)

Cosplay with me! Twins or white hair and eye patch. coz then we could m~a~t~c~h... But then we'd have to look a like for twins.

No, I like it a lot, Bullets & Carnage. I would like my family to all gather around... Well, Naoto is sweet too, so I'm excited to see how it turns out. And fucking Giovanni. rad sunglasses... it's a series that makes me gasp painfully, and say: "Cool! coooool!! Fucking badass! coool~!!!" (but I am moe for the twins? or are they so moe?)

Anyway, check it out! Of course, it's the main characters who are the coolest! Just... also, the twins. fuck yeah, Badou~! Fuck yeah, Naoto~ and f-fuck yeah Haine!! Oh lala~ Im ready to follow this one...

-A- I hope Miwa Shirou makes a quick and painless recovery! but, who knows, right?

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Saturday, July 28th, 2007
10:25 pm - shit, my ovaries ;o;
Haha, sorry I froze you out there. But uh, it would have been pointless coz we'd be talking about ridiculous things, we'd end up looking like bigots us both, whatever. anyway, what I like is realistic/well written characters, dialogue and story. At least, that's what makes me value something above others. xD; that doesn't have much to do with any lofty ideas, that's just what I value in generral when it comes to any story. Well, good writing is something lofty as well, I suppose.

Anyway, the things of lofty vision are much different then the shadows in our cave. Of course, there's certain things that are particular to me, or particular to an author, or particular to you, etc.

I think you see too clearly
to say something flattering
No more words, something romantic

I don't think I was ever very good at writing, or the idea of writing, or the truth of what lies behind writing. Anyway, I'm working on it.

also, yeah, this user image is a picture of me. I had a lot of fun that day, I wanna go again soon.

current mood: fuuuck I'm gonna seem like

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9:57 am
haha, I'm proud of myself Read more...Collapse )
'sup fuckahs?! Good morning!!

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12:54 am - Drive by Shooting
hey, guess what I found?

I guess these days, it's Kaya showing off his buttcheeks? But... No, he cannot be replaced. (lovely hearts)Even though KALM and HORA are both making music still... Even though... ugh~! It's not as good! We~ll... ( Just likes eccentrics)

The only exception is Kiyoharu! Even if it's softer, his work like "Vinnybeach", it's still really good. Not just "oh yeah, good"... it's really good. Wonderful!

I have a weird taste in my mouth. Feels disgusting.

current mood: let's not be so harsh...

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Friday, July 27th, 2007
12:05 am
from everyone's response, I suppose we should have an apocalypse viewing party sometime? Well, by that time, we might not know each other. (laughs) Anyway, I'll try and contact you guys before, so we can meet up.

The blue sky outside makes me go crazy.

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Thursday, July 26th, 2007
4:43 pm
Ahh, don't you ever get the feeling of "impending doom"? Like, we're all gonna die in about four years, right?

Actually I'm probably a very paranoid person. I wanna live somewhere that the air is clear. Living somewhere without any people... Well, it's really troublesome because I don't have basic skills, but... Ehh... Just wanna live happily!

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Top five most romantic things in the world:

2. Jesus
3. Kiyoharu
4. Nightsky with stars
5. Casablanca

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Monday, July 23rd, 2007
9:02 pm - FINALLY!!! *IMPORTANT*
After all the work I've done, I finally found him~!! Ah... I'm so happy, but nervous at the same time...

Dada's myspace!

...Don't kill me.

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5:25 pm
ah, I think lolita lax decadence and romanticism. =_= Maybe it's good to say it that way? clothing is only clothing, but the fun comes not only from clothing.

I had a weird dream, I was frantic about missing yoshiki's birthday... but it isn't until november...

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2:56 am - A Fleetin' Little Blurry Feeling

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Saturday, July 21st, 2007
11:57 pm - uhh.... superfluous
um, I've been meaning to riff...

the internet comm lolita isn't very excitign at all!! Like, they have the rabid cruel elitism of strange vk fangirl, but they have no aesthetic behind it. They're all like drones who can't see anything but the tunnel infront of them. So of course they like to hurt each other...

If you're yelling so loud, at least have something interesting behind it! There's more to lolita style than just fucking lace and ribbon... like drag queens!! and gothics!!

ugh... for some refason, it seems like most internets lolita completely reject the aesthetic of gothic. Which is ridiculous... no one wants to have fun these days. Everyone should kick loose

yeah, C~ you can be the strict madame, I can be the loose club girl. (laughs) it's pointless if you're not having a good time. If you're having a good time, that's the best. Um...

I unlocked something that makes me jabber D: but no one mentions it unless I threaten various thing... (laughs)

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11:05 pm
On an unrelated note...

Secretly, hide and Dada match a lot, don't you think? they just take everything in such different directions...
Well, that's what I think.


List your 7 most precious things, your treasures, which you love and
you'd never give away. Then tag other 7 people.

1. self
2. the feeling of right now
3. fuck
4. a sense of living
5. that important item.

nora emma


Aw, I miss you guys.

Hey~ I like The World! It'ss ppretty good.

I felt pretty sick all day. But foreign music is good because you don't have to pay attention to lyrics if you don't want. So it's good to write to. I've heard the new D is quite good, but I'm loath to give it a listen. Sorry~

BUT in the PV they are all wearing really reallly pretty kimono outfits. Dearest You's outfits were so WTF, but this really makes up for it I think. ^^;; Haha, Tsunehito~ he's like the young maiden, but asagi is like the elegant prince(ss)

I think D is the band with the "most affiliation for shorty shorts"

Even though I said so much, I haven't even heard the new work... whatever....

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11:54 am
Haha, I love you guys too.

cigarettes are too cool. >: But... (laughs) In japan it's very cool to smoke cigarettes.

Aside, to have a typing marathon. isn't it fun? It was really long... I probalby said something mean... (laughs) Being choice with words is kind of...

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Friday, July 20th, 2007
11:56 pm - Say it ain't so!!
damn... I would liiike for some xxxxx

Hung out with Sean + Luc tonight,, it was pretty tight!!
I wanna play guitar inebriated~

If I pay someone, will you get me some xxxx? Or even some cloves or something...

Haha~~ yeah, I'm not very "certain mood" yet. Maybe I will be later!! Probably not though.



So now that the xxxxxxxx is starting to kick in most YEAH~ I decided to watch X Clips for some stupid reason. God dammit!!! I was happy, now I'm depressed (boo hooo~~) for mulltiple reasons. Friends!!

basically the things plaguing my life + happiness (honest to god!!):

1) hide is dead... TTATT
2) I can't play guitar very well

There are some other things, like how Toshi's hair is colapsing really awesomely, or how taiji is such a glam rocker, but... mainly it's HIDE!!! FUCK!!! and FUCK!!!! FUCXK!!! FUCK!!! FUCK!!!!! Guitar.

I need like "how to solo" lessons. Basically, it's my dream! (laughs) Ugh~ fuck everything.

Did I ever mention that (I forgot)

um... I know I won't be good enough by the end of highschool... but during university... let's start a rock band... yeah?!?!

Recently I've been interested in guns. Owning one, but... I'd probably just use it to shoot myself in the head, so...

Haha, Yoshiki~ yoshiki~ the fans are kind of strange looking. I'm sick of just being f~a?ns~~ fuck 'em all, right?? vasvdkj

This is my dr?nke?!n rant while listening to X CLIPS


EDIT #2 (keep drunken ljin' too ONE post:
yes, I must be quite lonely to get really fucked up by myself in a house. Well, now it's become impossible to type, I guess I've become quite satisfied (well...) ... MAYBE I'll have DELICIOUS PIZZA~~~ yeaaaah!!!

TT_TT it's sad to be drunk alone without like, a party to be happy about, but, it's fine to be drunk alone, too. Merry is really good~ maybe they'll become my "xxxxx band" I 'm probably one of those people to dance retarded when drunk. Dammmit, so embarassing. BUT... but... even so, right?? People insult my dancing anyway, so it's okay. Para para got me weird.

here's a list of good bands (not in ordeR):

hide with Spread Beaver
D'espairs Ray
Dir en grey
merry (currently listening)
asobi seksu o(o3o)o
Schwarz Stein
Go!Go! 7188
THE SPUNKS (FUCK!! I hate that they're disbanded now)
The Bauhaus
Kiyoharu (solo)
MONO (fuckyes)
My chemical romance (shut the fuck up...)
73 shiki
Jinkaku Radio

will add more later ONCe more bored/ETC...

PS: Haha, this is a good combo: sleep + xxxx + coffee + hard liqour. I'm gonna try to remember it...

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Thursday, July 19th, 2007
10:01 pm
FUCK YES!!! Go!go!7188 + Peelander-Z show @ the Knitting Factory August 7th!

fuuuuck yessss....

I am eating breakfast right now which is very good.

facebook is vaguely uninteresting myspace is vaguely uninteresting. I feel bad coz I don't reply to people talking to me. It all depends on that, doesn't it? I saw tysen today.

oh yeah, my narcissitic poimt! ~I share the same name as hide~~ well, character of the name -_-;; I'm not hideto, but~ in chinese it's xiuxiu!

My other narcissit point is I have the same birthday as gokureda from KHR!.

Haha, I want to go shopping. I won't trouble you with the list. I'm gonna get a new look soon~ fufufu...

Christmas is soon!! I can't wait to celebrate with you!

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4:27 am

honestly, I don't read air gear at all. BUT.... I love weird rock/pop musicals based off of anime series. 8D;;

adobe photoshoop isn't loading. adobe photo shop isn't loading~~~ iiiyaa, if I can't use photo shop, then... TAT!!! woe~~

there's a character I really wanna see do xxx and xxxx... but...~

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1:06 am
Today's topic: I can't stop eating! I'm so fat, I can't get out of my apartment!

Um... a confession. Oh... the timer ran out.

I think I'm getting better at video games (maybe) 8D;;; well, compared to middle school, at least...

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Wednesday, July 18th, 2007
9:16 pm

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